Abstract Submission Guidelines

It is mandatory that the presenting author has registered for the congress before submitting the abstract i.e. 1 st July, 2022.

The delegates are requested to kindly strictly adhere to the abstract submission guidelines given below.

  • Delegates are required to adhere with allocated time.
  • All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
  • The abstracts invited should follow the theme of congress which is ‘Innovation, Ideas, Technology and Artificial Intelligence’. The sessions shall be named as per the theme.
  • The abstracts should be submitted for only in these two categories- Oral and Poster Presentation.
  • All abstracts will be forwarded for peer review assessment to the Scientific Review Committee before acceptance.
  • Authors who have submitted an abstract but failed to register by 1st July, 2022 will be not be considered for presentation and thereby will not be certified for the congress.
  • Abstracts should be submitted via email saapdgoa@gmail.com.
  • Modification of abstracts will not be possible after the announced deadline.
  • The abstract text should be up to 300-word limit (with title, author names and affiliation details excluded).
  • Abstracts should have the conventional layout: Background/Aim, Method, Results and Conclusion.
  • One author can be presenter in only one oral paper and can be co-author in other paper.

E- Poster Guidelines

  1. Abstracts should be submitted via email saapdgoa@gmail.com.
  2. The poster should be prepared in Landscape/Horizontal format with 4:3 ratio like normal slide in ppt presentation. It will be displayed using a projector and a screen.
  3. It can be in ppt.,JPG, JPEG, or PNG image with minimum resolution of pictures with 600X600 DPI
  4. The title fonts should be minimum 32 and body of minimum font size of 20.
  5. Poster should be self-explanatory with minimum text and maximum illustrations.
  6. Any images/ texts etc. copied from other sources including Internet without due legal permission fall under the clause of Copyright law and Plagiarism. The authors will have all legal liability if they copy any such contents. An undertaking of the same need to be submitted by the authors. (draft copy enclosed). In case of any reported complaints/ actions, the authors shall be liable for the consequences of the same with no liability of the organizers and scientific team.
  7. Each presenter (only 1 per poster) shall present the poster for 2 minutes in front of the Judges for the session. After 2 minutes your screen will go blank.
  8. In case the authors/ presentersdo not present at the time allocated for the presentation, it will be considered as absentia and no certificate shall be issued to them.
  9. Participants are required to adhere with timeline. Presentation exceeding 3 minutes will get negative score.
  10. The identity of the presenter/ institute must remain concealed. Any attempt of breach will attract disqualification.
  11. Presenters need to mention the scientific poster code at the top right corner of their respective poster.
  12. The poster code for participants will be displayed on our website.
  13. In case of any conflicts the decision of scientific committee will be final and binding.

Format for Undertaking

I/ we hereby certify that my presentation entitled -------------------------------------------- Contains my own original work and if any content/ image has been copied from other sources like textbooks, journals, Internet etc., I have due permission to reproduce the same. I/we take legal responsibility of all contents of my presentation.


Signatures of Presenter:    

  Signatures of Co-presenter: 


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