SAAPD at UN General Assembly, 2023

United Nations has 193 countries, and thousands of societies under its umbrella. SAAPD got a big opportunity to participate in the 78th UN General Assembly, 2023.

The UN headquarters stood tall armed by a sea of soldiers, holding flags high and making headlines on each hour of the day. SAAPD Secretary Dr. Gyanendra Kumar, representing the society with Dr. Rahul Hegde, Dr. Sivakumar Nuvvula and Dr. Francisco Ramos Gomez, gave an introduction of the society at the massive UNGA dias at UNHQ, NYC. Even though we missed the inauguration ceremony due to traffic conditions, SAAPD showed active participation in the Action Weekend of UNGA to pledge its contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 3 from UN goals for medical and dental health. Later, Dr Gyanendra Kumar delivered a talk on SAAPD’s role in PPPR in UN conference hall no. 2. His speech was awarded recognition and will be published in the upcoming edition of the UN Journal.

This invitation is a dream for many and the thrilling experience a definite recommendation! SAAPD representatives just lived their once in a lifetime moment sharing the venue with President Biden, UN General Secretary, Ukrainian President Zelensky and many more country heads.

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